Paolo’s Story

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Why did you decide to start the Natur House programme?

Honestly…as I decided to bring Natur House to Ireland after seeing the success across Europe I wanted to test it out. I wanted to see it for myself. Of course I was also getting concerned about weight, I am not as active as I used to be and have developed some bad habits over the years.

Did you find it hard to stick to the programme, what were the most challenging aspects of it?

The beginning is the hardest, you are eating differently but as they say ‘nothing worth it is easy’. I was really determined and made my mind up that I was going to succeed. The weekly consultations helped. They kept me on track and kept me accountable. My nutritionist was able to tweak the plans to suit my schedule, eating habits and challenges. She made sure I was always taking the right Natural supplements to compliment everything.

How much weight have you lost?

I have lost ove 2.5 Stones since December. I am now on the stabilization phase of the programme which means I have reached my target weight but I still visit my nutritionist bi-weekly to ensure that the new eating habits I have learned are maintained. The programme is about long term success, re-education and the changing of eating habits.

Who would you recommend this programme to?

Anyone who is determined to lose weight. You have to be committed and do your best to follow the guidance or It won’t work. Your nutritionist will advise the best natural supplements based on your problem areas, whether that be fat or water retention. They will guide you and do everything to make it as do-able as possible but if you do not commit it will be a struggle. Whether you have a couple of pounds or a larger amount to shake this is for you. It is not a quick fix, it takes the approach of total re-education. I now have new eating habits, I understand the impact of what I I eat on my body a little more. I feel great, have tonnes of energy and am loving wearing all my old shirts that I kept from 10years ago!

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