Natural Supplements are at the heart of the Natur House method

Having the right products on hand makes all the difference when you are trying to lose weight. We provide a range of supplements, healthy snacks and ready-meals, which can be used in synergy with nutritional plans. Our supplements, formulated with fruit and plant extracts, vitamins and minerals help to condition the body for weight loss and actively target specific areas which contribute to the carrying of excess weight. They support the body throughout the weight loss process. Our range of snacks and ready-meals ensure that you don’t go hungry or compromise on flavour to get the nutrients you need, even when you are too busy to cook. Your Nutritionist will recommend the right supplements to suit your body shape.

Fluid Retention

Water retention is caused by many things including an unbalanced diet, excessive salt , stress, a sedentary lifestyle, food intolerances and more. Your nutritionist will help you understand and tackle habits that can add to water retention. They will also help you reduce water retention with the appropriate products.

Fat Burning

Excess body fat poses a health risk. It can lead to obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Your Nutritionist will analyse your body composition to understand where you are storing fat and support you to monitor this. Your Nutritionist will prescribe natural supplements to help you target your specific problem areas.


Aging is a natural process, which takes its toll on every part of the body. Ageing leads to a decrease in the capacity to respond to harmful agents such as toxins. With the Natur House method you can learn to eat properly and, through the help of targeted natural supplements and vitamins, increase your energy.

Intestinal Transit

An altered intestinal transit can cause a feeling of heaviness, bloating and general discomfort. The main causes can include an unbalanced diet, food intolerance, sedentary lifestyle and more. With the Natur House method your Nutritionist will help you to regulate your digestive system with a balanced diet and natural supplements.

Anti-Cellulite & Circulation

Poor circulation causes the accumulation of toxins, this phenomenon is amplified by bad habits. These toxins lead to fluid retention, often in the lower limbs. This is known as cellulite. Your Nutritionist will support you to identify and change bad habits as well as prescribing natural supplements to target the problem areas.


Stress has a negative impact on organ health, and also impacts on your weight. It can lead to negative eating habits. We often reach for unhealthy snacks when we are stressed. Your Nutritionist will help identify stress related eating habits and guide you to eliminate these. Your Nutritionist will prescribe natural supplements to support you where appropriate.

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