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During the first consultation, your nutritionist will check your weight, fluid retention and BMI. They will conduct a body fat analysis with a special scales. Your Nutritionist will chat to you to determine your lifestyle, eating habits and full medical history. They will also talk through what you ate the day before so that your nutritionist can develop a plan that’s uniquely tailored to you.

Based on your results, you will be presented with a nutritional plan to follow, along with a programme of supplements.

We recommend avoiding food, caffeine and alcohol for two hours prior to the initial consultation and limiting water intake. You must inform your nutritionist of any medication or supplements you are currently taking, as well as any health conditions that your nutritionist should be aware of.

Please note that undressing will provide the most accurate assessment, however, you can choose to remain dressed if you are more comfortable doing so.

We want you to feel supported on your weight-loss journey, and regular follow-ups help you to stay motivated and focused on your goals. By visiting your nutritionist weekly, we can measure your progress and adapt and update your programme accordingly. Attending follow-ups also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you might have, and to share any thoughts or concerns.

Nutritionist consultations, diet plans and weekly follow-ups are absolutely FREE. Customers will be recommended a tailored programme of natural plant based products to support the efficacy of their weight-loss efforts. These can be purchased in the store/pharmacy.

Our natural supplements target specific concerns that can lead to excess weight, including water retention, cravings, excess fat storage and more. The active, plant-based ingredients in our supplements support weight loss by counteracting the body’s reaction to dietary changes, helping customers to respond to nutritional programmes in the most effective way.

All of the Natur House products are plant based and completely natural. They are high in fruit and vegetable extracts. The supplements come in a number of different forms such as vials, capsules, drinks, snacks and teas. Your Nutritionist will discuss any current medications or health problems with you before proceeding to ensure you are suitable for the programme.

All our supplements are completely natural and plant based so it is very unlikely that there will be any contraindications between your medications and our supplements. Our nutritionist are qualified and well trained in relation to product contraindications and will be able to advise you on your first visit.

There is no prescribed number of sessions that must be attended. Customers can follow the Natur House programme for as much time as they choose. In the earliest stages, weight loss can happen more rapidly and subsequently plateau in later stages. We recommend that customers keep attending even after they have noticed an improvement to stay motivated and to maintain their new habits. We want to ensure that customers can both achieve and maintain their target weight in a healthy and sustainable way. To do so, we offer a FREE maintenance programme once your target weight has been achieved to help you maintain your desired body shape.

The rate of weight loss should be consistent and maintainable for the foreseeable weeks/months on the programme. A weight loss of between 1-3 pounds per week is recommended but varies slightly from client to client.

Exercise and a low-calorie diet go hand in hand when it comes to successful weight loss. We strongly encourage 60 minutes of brisk walking 7 days a week for maximum results, this is only 4% of your day. Exercise not only helps with weight loss but also has a proven positive impact on anxiety and stress.

We advise you to avoid alcohol while on the programme due to its very high calorie content and its comparatively low nutrition content. Drinking alcohol will slow down your weight loss goals significantly.

Our aim is to re-educate you on how to eat properly. For example, at the beginning of the programme carbohydrate intake is controlled to help eliminate excess fluid build-up (as glycogen stores water). We reintroduce carbohydrates at a steady rate and suggest they are consumed in moderation.

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