Manuela’s Story

Natur House Success Stories Manuela

Why did you first decide to visit Natur House?

I noticed my weight change the last couple of years and I wanted to take control of it.

How long have you been using Natur House now?

Since March 8th

When did you start noticing the results?

I started feeling better straight away as I was eating better food. I noticed small changes every week. You have to be patient. I think losing weight slowly is better for changing bad habits. I started noticing a change to my hips, legs and stomach measurement within a very short space of time. Seeing the changes helped to keep me motivated.

Did you meet any challenges while on the programme?

When we go for dinner here in Dublin it can be a little harder to make positive choices. I found It hard first but I am used to it now. When I go back to Italy it is hard to refuse all the nice food! I go to my Nutritionist Mary just before and make a plan. If I have a slip it is ok. Mary helps me get back on track the next week.

How much weight have you lost in total?

1.5 stone in total

Did you use the supporting Natural Supplements?

Yes, Mary prescribed some for me. They definitely helped me. I feel great and some of the supplements naturally increase my water intake also. The snacks are handy when I am busy at work (stops me eating chocolate!)

What is your favourite thing about Natur House?

The full support makes it easier to stick to it. You lose pounds but also gain energy. It is also great to see my waist and hip measurements reduce.