Mauro’s Story

Success mauro

Why did you first decide to visit Natur House?

To get some motivation and help. I needed a strategy to imporove my health and look (belly fat).

How long have you been using Natur House now?

Since end of January 2018

When did you start noticing the results?

After just one week I felt different and had lost 2lbs, after the second week I noticed the real difference when I lost 4lbs.

Did you meet any challenges while on the programme?

The main challenge was to change my eating habit, I had to cut out (my beloved) extra vergin oil, bread, rice as well as reduce my sugar intake. Now I understand why I had to make the sacrifices!

How much weight have you lost in total?

26lbs in total

Did you experience any other benefits from following the programme other than weight loss?

Indeed, you have a better perception of yourself from a mental and aesthetic point of view. I have a lot more energy also which is great.

Who would you recommend this programme to?

Anyone who wants to lose weight or feel better about themselves. You enchance discipline within yourself and embrace a healthier lifestyle by eating better and doing more physical activity.

Now you follow the Natur House maintenance plan. What does that involve?

The maintenance section ensures that you do not slip back on old habits. It encourages to have 5 meals a day, a balanced diet which alternates the consumpition of proteins, fruits, vegetable, carbohydrates/pulses

What do your friends and family think of the new you?

Well, I expect my mother (Italian) to complain a bit when she will see me next time and force me to eat everything she will cook for me! My friends, collegues are impressed by the results and clearly they see the impact of the lifestyle change. Some of them were inspired and committed to start the same journey for a healthier lifestyle and feel better with themselves.

What is your favourite thing about the natur House weight loss programme?

Your professional Nutritionist motivates you throughout the programme and that makes sure you keep the focus on.