10 foods rich in fiber

Do you need fiber in your diet? At Naturhouse we will tell you which foods are rich in fiber along with their main characteristics.
11 day ago
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How should a healthy diet be?

2 months ago
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How to calculate your ideal weight

You must have looked in the mirror more than once and asked yourself whether you’re within your ideal weight range. Doubts always arise concerning the correct body mass index (BMI), so how do you calculate your ideal weight
3 years ago
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We present to you the testimony of Paula, who has achieved her weighty objectives thanks to her effort and overcoming. You can do it too!
3 years ago
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Do you know which the essential amino acids are?

As you know, different foods provide us with different components that are vital for making our bodies work properly. Among them are amino acids, organic molecules which combine to form proteins and are vital for our bodies. In fact, along with proteins they are the fundamental building blocks of life.
3 years ago
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Nutritional health: Tips for increasing it

You must have asked yourself more than once if your receiving the necessary nutrients form your food. A lack of just one can cause health risks and even lead to malnourishment. This is a problem faced by people who do not eat certain foods, for example vegans. This is why you should follow a series of tips in order to increase your nutritional health and avoid malnutrition.
3 years ago
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